Rugs With a Difference

The Puzzle Rug

There is perhaps nothing like a rug that can totally change the look and feel of a room. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when picking a rug.
Tree Cross Section Rug

 Be sure to match the tone of your room and also pay attention to proper alignment with your furniture when laying it out. For example, if you lay the rug under a coffee table, try to ensure that the table is placed on the middle of the rug.

The Rug with Landscape Relief

Also we hear a few people asking for a distinction between a rug and a carpet. The difference lies in size. Within the customary terminology of the industry, any piece less than 40 square feet is called a rug while anything larger is considered a carpet.
Double Bull’s Eye

 Today, however, the term rug is most commonly used to distinguish an area rug from wall-to-wall carpeting or broadloom.

LASA is one of the winner of the “red dot award: product design 2006″. The soft carpet dream is made from a felted merino yarn. he ground of the carpet is a dense pile from fine pure new wool.

Here is rug that is conveys the message about global warming and the melting polar caps. A lone bear stands on a patch of white ice in an expanse of ocean.

Ethareal Rug

Iranian artist Seyed Alavi had the aerial view of the Sacramento River woven into a carpet for the floor of a pedestrian bridge connecting the Sacramento International Airport terminal to the parking garage.

The monster rug  in three sizes and is made from cashmere, wool and polymer clay. This will create a conversation topic or two!

The stair rug

Rug with just arrows

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