Cool And Unique Ceiling Fans

Torto Fan
have seen interior designers cringe at the mention of the term ‘ceiling fan’. Majority of designers despise them for a reason. They believe that ceiling fans(at least the usual ones) severely compromise the aesthetics of a room and act somewhat as a sour spot. Having looked at creative options myself I got to say I tend to side with them. There are hardly a dozen fans out there that any ‘designer’ would be comfortable living with. Maybe this is an opportunity. Any entrepreneurs listening in?

Artemis Fan
The Artemis Minka-Aire Fan makes quite a style statement with its unique twisted blades form. The maple finish option would go well if you have wooden accents in your room.

Anyways we have decided to feature the top ones we came across in our quest for unique ceiling fans. Like we said, they are tough to come by and not surprisingly, most are even tougher on the wallet.
 This fan also comes with translucent leaves.
 Blow Fan
If you have an eye for color and tasteful minimalism, the Blow ceiling fan was designed by Ferdi Giardini might interest you. It is one of those rare ceiling fans with lights above the blades.

 Sycamore Fan
Inspired by the beauty of a falling Sycamore tree seed pod, this fan offers efficiency with no sacrifice in aesthetics.
 Propeller Fan
 Fanaway Fan
What is unique about this particular fan is that it has retractable blades that extend out only after the fan has attained a certain minimum speed.
 Fiore Fan
Similar in concept to the Fanaway Fan, but instead of retractable blades, the Fiore fan uses petal like blades that open up to reveal a lamp.
 Enigma Fan
Short on blades? Maybe. Short on style? No. Bonus: Remote controlled halogen lamps included.

Centaurus Fan
As this is very much a post on unconventional ceiling fans there is no way we can ignore the Centaurus Fan from Fanimation.

Honorable Mention: Faltfan
Okay, this is just a concept but we believe this group project by three designers – Joanita, Johannes Marmon and Martin Sprekelsen – is very much in line with our tastes. :) They used Origami technique to shape this bird like structure off a single aluminium sheet.

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