Designer Lamps

1. Nomadic Light by Dorota Kulawik
You have planned a party outside but it just came to your attention how much of a pain it would be to get the whole place properly lit out. More power sockets, messy extension wires…. aaaargh…
Well, you can relax if you happen to have the Nomadic LED lighting designed by Dorota Kulawik which will provide you with 10 hours of rechargeable lighting provided by LED rings. Look ma… no wires!

We have already published a jargon buster and provided plenty of inspiration for bedroom lighting through our Lighting Inspiration post but obviously we aren’t done yet on lighting!

 2. The Penta lamp by Luca Casarotto
Made of recycled components, the Penta lamp is dynamically able to change its shape and ambient lighting. It is designed by Luca Casarotto of Cosca Design.
3. ReGlow lamp by Shelley Spicuzza
Eco-coscious, are we? You will love the ReGlow lamp by Shelley Spicuzza that makes use of discarded plastic bottles to create an awesome lighting.

 4. Constellation Chandelier from Studio 1 Thousand
Constellation Chandelier uses LEDs and bent copper stems to produce a starry explosion of light effect and the designers. Studio 1 Thousand states that the model would be in production soon.
 5. Marrakesh – Color Modular LED Lighting by Mindspring
Deriving inspiration from Chinese artworks, Marrakesh lighting by Mindspring allows modular pieces of leds to be arranged in endless variations, allowing total artistic freedom in terms of space, size, location and color.
 6. Handmade lamps by Frank Buchwald
The lamps are all limited edition, hand made pieces of art by Frank Buchwald. The cheapest one is $3,900 and the most expensive is a whopping $15,500. You better be serious about your lamps if you are going to get one of these…
7. Gravity Lamp by Front
According to the designers at Front, the Gravity Lamp lays down and goes to sleep when you’re not in the room. When you enter, it wakes up, stands and turns on to give you light.

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