Foyer Design, Decorating Tips

A foyer is an entryway to your home. The careful design and decoration of foyers is often neglected as these areas are sometimes considered just to be a pass through space. But it is necessary to keep in mind that foyers give guests the first impression about your home. And more importantly, it is the place to greet YOU when you come home.

Foyer Decorating Tips

1. You could try painting your foyer a different colour from adjacent rooms. Warm colours appear more inviting.
2. It is advisable to use lighting with adjustable brightness. Though you need the foyer to be well lit, you don’t want it to be glaringly bright. If you want something ‘high impact’, experiment hanging a chandelier. Keep in mind the limitation of the space, when choosing lighting.
3. Hang a mirror in the foyer to show attractive features on the opposite wall and to give an effect of increased space.
4. You could also display a gallery wall of artwork, photographs or showcase a beautiful piece of sculpture or bronze on a foyer table.
5. In order to bring a bit of ‘life’ into the space you could place plants inside. It is ideal to consider ones that are ‘tall’ and do not occupy too much floor space .

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