The House that Parks a Lamborghini in the Living

We are featuring this exquisitely modern two-story residence located in the Shokrane area of Tokyo. From the dramatically high ceilings hang beautiful abstract sculptures and bed-sized chandeliers. Also furnished with modern classic chairs and steel-framed glass floors are floating rooms throughout the museum-like home, all designed by Takuya Tsuchida.

We suppose it has the typical wow factor of a multi-million dollar home but wait, there’s more… This home owner has dedicated half of the entire basement to building a state of the art 9 car parking garage with elevator access to the living room! He can virtually step out of his Lamborghini and onto the couch! Talk about door to door service! Worried about gaseous fumes potentially seeping onto your dinner plate? No worries, the platform retracts to your basement when you don’t feel like showing off your wheels. Should fool the tax men we suppose, at least *until* they see the Le Corbusier collection in the living!

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