A Peninsula House on Lake Austin, Texas

What do you get when you combine a contemporary design studio like Bercy Chen Studio with a traditional, 1980′s lakehouse right on Lake Austin? A spectacular vacation home with breathtaking views, that includes the best of both worlds–that is the comforts of a traditional lakehouse with the relaxing powers of modern design.

A pool nearly surrounds the entire house, hence the name “Peninsula House.” The expansive glass doors can be slid open, and one can literally walk out from the living room and into the calm and modern pool for a quick, refreshing dip

The original home was built in the 1980′s and to Bercy Chen Studio’s disappointment, did not take advantage of the spectacular lake views just feet away from the house! That is why large glass windows, spanning from the ceiling to the floor, were installed around the entire house–to allow as much of the beautiful view in as possible. The previous house also did not respect or pay too much mind to the nature around it–but Bercy Chen made sure to change all of that with their remodel!

 A few hints or elements of the traditional lakehouse still remain in the house. The kitchen, while streamlined, is furnished with dark, rich mahogany cabinetry

 Even the restroom offers views of the outdoors

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