Ideas for that space under the stairs

The space beneath the staircase being effectively used for storing books.

What do you do with that bit of empty space under the stairs? It’s been a question that has been long asked. There have been many ingenious answers. We take a look at some of them here. Though this post covers a WIDE variety of ideas for saving space under stairs, we welcome suggestions from our readers. If you come across any other awesome way in which this space is cleverly use, please mention them in the comments.
The usage of drawers

Under stair shelving is by far the most common method for utilizing the space below the stairways and it has been done in many ways

 How about some wine racks then?

  you have enough space you could think of converting it to your workspace or home office.

Adventurous attempts have been made to convert these spaces to bathrooms…

 Cutting out small niches for kitchen appliances under the stairs is another approach though it is less common.
 There’s been the ever popular laundry idea too
 Converting that space into a nice little reading nook is another option.
 How about a fireplace?
 an aquarium
Installing electronic entertainent systems beneath the staircase is another trend that is becoming popular

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