Unique and Sweet Apartment Design Inspiration in Sweden

 Here are unique and sweet apartment design inspiration in Sweden. This cute apartment interior design are created by Behrer & Partners. Modern apartment is intentionally designed with a slightly different color display. Combination of black, brown shadow, orange, even red in every room and function tailored to the theme of the room. Unique color selection is not only attractive, but also create an impression and fresh atmosphere in the house. The brown living room looked so warm and comfortable. Soft brown colors make this room look elegant at the same time relaxed. Color settings in this apartment also match with the use of wood elements in the house. To make the walls look more interesting, paintings and wall hangings deliberately chosen a more artistic and colorful. Kitchen and bathroom space dominated by black. This black color is also selected for further to giving modern impression. While for a child’s room, the white color represents the freshness and excitement that used to greet and start the day the little guy.

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